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Website Design

We have a number of different options for website design to suit your budget. In general I do not do "packages" as I find every client is unique and it serves the client better to tailor a proposal specific to them. Premium websites which involve customization and features such as ecommerce, booking, online courses, and more start at a base price of $2,750 and up. Additional costs include not only special features but SEO work, content writing, photo and/or video editing and more.

For clients starting out with a more restricted budget, I do offer a "template service" where you can choose from a large selection of professional templates that I will customize with your colors, logo, etc. and your content. These are $1,450 to $1550 depending on whether or not you need me to set up hosting for you as well.

The majority of my clients use WordPress websites. I can do other options such as Squarespace, Shopify, Duda, or even a static HTML site. What best suits your needs determines which platform we go with.

Website Audits

Website audits are a "must" for not only any digital strategy session or SEO plan, but I also highly suggest them when you're considering a redesign. An audit can help you determine where your site is falling short and what you can do to fix it. Audits take approximately one to two weeks to complete and look at both technical and content issues, as well as what you are doing for SEO including your Google My Business page. A written report with recommendations is the final deliverable. Website audits are $350. If you wish to include a Zoom session to discuss, these are billed at $150/hour.

Website Maintenance

While I believe WordPress is one of the best options out there for small business websites, the downside is they do need a lot of regular care that a site on a third-party platform like Wix does not. We do offer monthly and annual maintenance plans to take the hassle out of your hands of insuring your website plugins and core software is updated, and higher level plans include reviewing your analytics and reporting, as well as content changes. Our basic plan starts at $150/month and up, with discounts for annual purchases.

Search Engine Optimization & Management

As with websites, I also don't do "packages" for SEO because I feel every client has different needs and also varying budgets, although a few services have a set price. I charge $150/hour for SEO work with a discount if 11 or more or 21 or more hours are purchased at once. If you want to do a regular monthly plan, I can also prepare a proposal for that based on your needs.

ALL SEO work requires that I start with an audit so I can understand what the challenges with your site are. Audits are $350.

Google My Business Optimization & Management

Google My Business is a critical part of any local SEO plan. For GMB, I offer a setup and optimization service for $550 and an optimization service if the GMB is already started for $450. I also have regular monthly GMB maintenance and content plans that start at $300/month.

Content Marketing & Content Creation

Contact us for a consultation regarding content marketing! We can help you craft a plan to grow your online presence, as well as assist you with creating the content. We can do written content for web pages, blogs, social media posts, and press releases, as well as photo and video editing.

Digital Strategy

Don't know where to start, or feel like what you've been doing just isn't bringing in clients? Schedule a consultation to review your digital strategy. Together we can craft a plan that works for your specific business and capabilities. Types of digital marketing we can discuss include your website, social media, email marketing, PPC ads, and more.

Social Media Strategy

Feel like you're stuck in a rut with your social media? Or are you putting off even getting started because it's also so overwhelming? Schedule a consult to discuss your social media strategy and we can discuss your target market/ideal client, engagement strategies, and use of content to grow your business. We can also assist you with optimization and setup of YouTube channels, Pinterest and Facebook accounts.