Website Audit Offer

Auditing your website is an essential first step in any digital marketing and/or SEO plan. We need to see where your site’s challenges are in regards to getting seen by Google and converting your visitors to paying clients. 

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A Website Audit Covers:

  • A full review of technical and content issues affecting your site
  • A review of your competitors' sites in comparison to yours
  • A review of other SEO factors including your social media accounts and Google My Business page
  • A keyword search related to your site and your site's ranking

Your Deliverables & Price:

  • Website audits are $350 and include a full written report with recommendations
  • You can work on the issues outlined in the report on your own, give to your web developer, or work with us to fix them - your choice!
  • You can schedule a consult to discuss the report for an additional $150/hour if you need more help

Want to Get Started?

Our website audits are very thorough and take approximately one to two weeks to complete. To schedule an audit, fill out the discovery form below and use the purchase option at the end. We may email you for additional information in order to access services such as Google Analytics.

Website Audit Offer Discovery Form

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Keywords & Location

Submission and Payment

Our website audits are regularly $350.00. It takes approximately one to two weeks to complete. We may need to contact you to get access to additional data such as Google Analytics. Use the submit button below to be taken to the payment screen. You will receive a confirmation within one business day with any additional requests for information to process the audit.

Please note, you may see the vendor listed as Firelink Digital Marketing on your credit card receipt.

Thank you!

Price: $ 350.00