About Pet Pro Marketing

Pet Pro Marketing is a division of Firelink Digital Marketing, a boutique digital marketing agency located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. My name is Mychelle and I work with clients all over the U.S. and beyond to help them get seen, heard and paid online.

Focusing specifically on pet care professionals came from my own background, which is not only in marketing and web development, but also in the pet care industry. I have worked for associations such as APDT, IAABC and USDAA, as well as one-on-one with many trainers, behavior consultants and shelters/rescues. I also am a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (IAABC), an IAABC and PPG member, and a CGC tester through the AKC. 

I know what it’s like to work with dog, cat and other companion animal owners and enjoy using my skills and experience to help pet care pros to build their businesses.

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Stop selling. Start helping.

Zig Ziglar

We create sites that convert browsers into customers,  implement SEO to get them found by potential clients, and optimize your digital marketing for continued growth.

Who Am I?

I’ve always been passionate about tech, ever since I was a little girl with my first Atari. I started creating websites back in the 80s and at about the same time got my Masters degree in Social Welfare Administration. For about two decades I worked in communications and administration in the non-profit world, helping them through developing online marketing, print design and communication strategies. 

I eventually became the CEO of a non-profit association focused on improving the lives of animal trainers. I enjoyed engaging with so many passionate business owners who often believed strongly in their mission to help people with their pets but who lacked the business background to effectively reach the clients they wanted to assist. It was through that experience that I decided to create my own agency to use my background and skills to work with small business owners, particularly pet care professionals.

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Various and Sundry...

  • I’m passionate about all things nerd and geek related. In fact I volunteer on the board and as operations director/manager of digial marketing for a non-profit that runs a big  nerd convention to raise money for the community.

  • I have a long history with animal welfare and animal training. I’ve worked as staff and as a volunteer for shelters and rescues throughout my life. I also had my own training/behavior consulting business on the side for several years. I stopped when I realized I wanted to put my energy toward helping other pet professionals.

  • Obviously I love animals. My pets are two my dogs, two bearded dragons, two ball pythons, four chickens and a whole lot of freshwater fish…for now. The zoo will continue to grow as long as I’m single LOL….

  • I live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota although I have clients from all over. Sioux Falls is a lovely place with a fantastic entrepreneurial community and a vibrant downtown scene – y’all are invited to visit and a meetup at one of the many local breweries. As long as you can stand the cold… 😉

Interested in Professional Online Education?

Hippocampus Online LogoIn addition to working in the digital marketing world, I also run the technical end of Hippocampus Online. This new website focuses on online education for pet care professionals in all aspects of their work life. From practical behavior and training courses to courses on DIY marketing. We also host free courses for shelters and rescues for their volunteers. Please sign up for our mailing list to find out about new additions, as well as opportunities for new instructors!