We help your pet-focused business get seen, heard and paid online.

Take the stress out of building your online presence!

We help your pet-focused business get seen, heard and paid online.

Take the stress out of building your online presence!

Our Digital Marketing Services

We specialize in effective, strategic solutions to solve your online problems and grow your business.

Website Design

Whether you need a new website or want to redesign an existing one, we can help you! We focus on providing strategic, effective websites based on your specific business goals and needs.

Website Audits

If you feel your website just isn't working the way you need it to, our auditing service is the place to start. We look at all aspects of your site, from technical to content, to identify areas to improve.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO involves a series of actions on your site to improve your visibility to search engines and get more traffic to your site. We can help you with one-time optimizations as well as long term SEO management plans.

Digital Marketing Strategy

If you have no idea where to start with your online strategy, or feel your current efforts are not doing the job, we can schedule a consult to review your goals and methods and craft a plan that works for you.

Content Marketing

Content marketing includes creating blogs, videos, images and more. It can be a highly effective strategy for driving more traffic to your site. We can help you create a plan as well as help with creating content.

Social Media Strategy

Social media is an excellent way to reach your audience, but not without a plan. If your social media isn't bringing in clients, schedule a consult to review your accounts and discuss opportunities for growth.

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Work With Us

There are many excellent digital marketing agencies that one can work with. Why should you consider working with us?


We treat working with clients as a partnership – if you are not successful in your business than neither are we. Our goal is to find out what makes you unique, what your capabilities are as far as time, budget and skills, and craft strategies that truly work for you.


Our goal is to always make you feel like you fully understand our strategies and we are 100% transparent. We can find ways to provide you a DIY option if you need it for your budget and we don’t try to sell you services you don’t need.


Because we’ve worked in the pet care industry as both a dog trainer, animal behavior consultant and a shelter worker/volunteer, we truly “get” the types of clients and situations you deal with every day and all of our advice is designed to be truly practical and useful for your marketing strategies and tactics.

Is your website working for your business?

Download our guide, 6 Key Focus Points for Website Success, to understand how to evaluate the success of your website, plus tips that will help you make improvements today!

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Mychelle is very responsive, collaborative, honest, and technologically adept with current marketing trends, website design, creation, and integration with other technologies. We love working with Pet Pro Marketing!

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